10 Unique, Best Sayings And Quotes for International Women’s Day

Man without woman equals no taste, as Italian food without pasta! Oh, a good start, we have ten of the sayings and quotes of Women’s Day, is a unique, exclusive sayings images, BY “Amazing Photos” by (our team) with new designs perfectly, you will not see in any web page again, all that to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The latest, best sayings and quotes for International Women’s Day

In honor of the women.

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We will start now …

In IWD. Women’s day Saying

1- In IWD , It is injustice to make one day to celebrate with woman, All days should be woman feasts, Because her gifts not to be ceased.



It is a great grace. Women’s day Saying

2- It is a great grace from our God to give us woman.. Can you imagine your life without woman!



Life of woman is full of difficulties and duties. Women’s day Saying

3- Life of woman is full of difficulties and duties, When she takes her rights and get harvest of her toil ?



They say a great woman. Women’s day Saying

4- They say “a great woman usually is behind a great man” but I say “A great man should be surrounded from all directions by a great woman”.



What can we do to honor woman. Women’s day Saying

5- “What can we do to honor woman? I think by appreciation , respect and sharing in building society , she deserves more than that.



Who is woman. Women’s day Saying

6- Who is woman? Mother, Sister, Daughter and Wife.
They are corners of my life.



Woman is the necklace of pearls. Women’s day Saying

7- Woman is the necklace of pearls which adorn the humankind.. No beauty without woman.



Woman is the only. Women’s day Saying

8- Woman is the only creature who can gather all emotions in one moment.



Woman spends most of her times. Women’s day Saying

9- Woman spends most of her times to make man happy.. Should man be grateful & spend a little of time for her.



Woman word consists of wo plus man. Women’s day Saying

10- (Woman) word consists of (wo) plus (man), What does (wo) mean? It means world origin, Greetings to all women.

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