Woman's Day Story About Divorced Ladies

A Woman’s Day Story About the Divorced Ladies from England

A Smile of Hope today is about Nadia. Nadia is a divorced lady. A Woman’s Day Story today’s, It’s our issue in the Woman’s Day. And I want to ask, how many divorced ladies are there in Egypt? They say, about 9 million, God knows best.
How many divorced ladies are there in the Middle East? It is a huge amount. How does society look at divorced women? Can you imagine that many times the way society looks at divorced women is very hard and harsh?

Woman's Day Story About Divorced Ladies
Woman’s Day Story About Divorced Ladies

This is despite the fact that many of these women are hardworking and are in a consistent struggle. She struggles to raise her kids, to take care of herself, to bring her kids up the best possible, and to stop herself from having what she wishes. Her ex-husband could be living a wonderful life, but she is struggling to raise the kids. This isn’t a one-time story—this is a story that repeats hundreds of thousands of times. I want to tell the story of Nadia.

The Divorced Ladies – Woman’s Day Story

Nadia is a Moroccan lady, which got married in Morocco. Her husband told her “let’s move to England and work hard there.” They went to England, and they lived a really happy life for 5 or 6 months. Nadia became pregnant. Her husband went crazy that she got pregnant, and he decided to divorce her before the child was born. He wanted to live a free life and work without being concerned about anything. He divorced her, and she had rights in England. However, he let his friend who’s a policeman scare his ex-wife and threaten her. Nadia got scared, and she ran away.

She then gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Nadia has spent the last 12 years raising her daughter. As for the father, he had disappeared. Nadia had a college degree in Morocco, but she worked to clean people’s houses, washing, cleaning, and organizing houses, to raise her daughter. She is truly a steadfast and hard worker in a constant struggle for years. She didn’t have official papers that allowed her to stay in England. She went through a lot of hard years, and she worked really really hard.

People helped her, and we helped her too. She spent many years of hard work, and the girl was growing up. She would limit what she ate, and the cloths she wore so her daughter would be raised properly and sent to school.
This continued until the daughter began getting older, and the problem she had of not being in the country legally began getting solved, and she began making money. She used to have to clean houses because people wouldn’t hire illegal residents. When she got legal residency, she began working and making money.

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She decided to get more college education. Her daughter was in school, and she was in college gaining higher education. The money kept on flowing in her hands. She worked hard and became successful.
The man reappeared at the end after she made lots of money and her daughter had a passport. Aside from the fact that she wouldn’t get married back to him again, the concept is amazing. Can you see such hard working women?

Please, if you see a divorced lady who’s hardworking, stand by her, and stand by her kids—It’s something that will gain you lots of good deeds. Trust me, helping someone weak and being there for them will raise your levels with Allah (SWT). It will also enter a smile of hope into your life and your kids’ lives. Please help the weak- help the ladies in need. Allah (SWT) will truly raise your levels.


This story by DR. Amr Khaled

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