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About Girls in the Women’s Day – Please, Take Care!

A Smile of Hope today is about girls in the Women’s Day, our little girls. Those girls really need love and caring. In the famous saying, they say “he who never had a daughter, never had kids.” I have two sons, but people keep telling me “he who never had a daughter, never had kids.” Daughters are a big blessing. Sometimes parents, especially fathers forget that the most important and most beautiful person at home is their daughter. [ You can read this story in the Women’s Day ].

Father, Daughter, Outdoor

Father With His Daughter Outdoor

Today’s story about the girls in the Women’s day

Sometimes fathers forget their kids’s needs in the midst of being busy. Those daughters need lots of emotions, and need their parents to pat them on the back. I have a friend who’s always busy, and always traveling. He has a little daughter, and she’s six or seven years old. She’s really young. He’s always busy. Her mother keeps on telling him, “Your daughter needs you, she needs to see you, you must go out with her.” He responds, “Well I spend money on her.”

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The mother responds, “Your daughter doesn’t only need your money, she needs your emotions, she needs to see dad. Dad is more important to her than dad’s money. She doesn’t understand dad’s money. She only understands dad.” His wife kept on insisting that he goes out with his daughter. The father responded, “Okay, okay, I will go out with her.” He took his daughter and told her, “Let’s go out and have breakfast together.” The daughter was really happy. They went to the cafe and he ordered a cake for his daughter, and coffee for himself.

He began working and left his daughter just sitting there. While he was sitting there, he realized that his daughter was looking at him.

He smiled and patted her on the back, and said: “By the way Mona, I love you so much.” His daughter’s name was Mona. He went straight back to work. Then he found that the daughter held his hand, and she said, “some more dad, some more.

Father , Daughter , Beach, the Women's Day

The Father And His Daughter On The Beach – For girls in the Women’s Day

And he asked, “Some more of what?” She answered, ” Tell me some more.” He cleared his throat and said, “You’re the most important one to me, and you’re my love.” She hung on to his hand harder, and told him “Some more dad, some more dad.”

The man told me, “I got really shaken deep down inside, and I continued to give her more and more emotions, and she was really happy.” She went back to her mom and told her “It’s the best day ever.

The mother asked her, “What did you eat, and what clothes did you buy?” The daughter answered, “No, it’s not about that.” Kids care the most for emotions much more than toys. The daughter went on saying” Dad told me he loves me so much.”

Father. Daughter, Lambs

The Father And His Daughter, Lambs

Mothers and fathers, please don’t break your son’s and daughter’s hearts. If you’re getting divorced, don’t break your kids’ hearts by fighting. Or even if you’re not getting divorced, don’t fight with each other, you’re hurting your kids like that. It’s as if you’re tearing your kids’ heart, especially the daughters.

Your daughter needs your hugs, warmth, and emotions. When your daughter gets older, if she didn’t find the love she needed at home, she’ll look for it elsewhere. Hug your kids, love them, give them the emotion they need. Be merciful with your kids, and don’t fight in front of them. If you want to fight, fight in a closed room away from the kids. Don’t divorce your kids, when you get divorced. It’s unfair to hurt our kids twice. Please be merciful to your kids, especially your daughters.

This story by DR. Amr Khaled


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