Google Celebrates Mother’s Day ‘Google Doodle May 12, 2013’

Today ‘Sunday, May 12, 2013’, Google celebrates Mother’s Day around the world. This day is dedicated to celebrating and honoring the numerous contributions of motherhood. The day is celebrated in many parts around the world around Spring season.

Google Doodle Celebrates Mother’s Day 12, 2013

The innovative doodle presented by Google depicts a mother, standing while wearing her string of pearls and celebrating her special day as her children prepare a cake with a party setting in the background in order to celebrate her special day of the year. The Google logo is blended in against the doodle.(From: Google Arabia Blog)

Some countries already had existing celebrations honoring motherhood, and their celebrations have adopted several external characteristics from the US holiday, like giving carnations and other presents to your own mother. The extent of the celebrations varies greatly. (From: Wikipedia)


It is expected to change the logo page Google search engine in those Countries: Canada, Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brunei, Australia, Singapore, Slovenia, China, Chile, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Denmark, Philippines, Finland, United States, Vietnam, Croatia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Brazil, Estonia, Uruguay, India, Malaysia, Austria, Latvia, Colombia, Greece, Japan, Taiwan, Cyprus.

This article was posted on May 2, 2013 and this is only just the belief that this will happen ‘personal endeavor’

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