Happy Labor Day 7th of September 2015 Free Photo

Labor Day September 2015
Labor Day September 2015

Hello everyone with one of the most important events and holidays in the United States and Canada in the month of September each year, it’s Labor Day 2015, are you ready?

It’s a day to honor of working people around the world, many countries of the world celebrate this on a first day of May each year, but the United States and Canada are celebrating this day on on the first Monday in September.

With us now completely exclusive, unique and completely royalty-free design, now we celebrate Labor Day 2015 in the USA and Canada. Also we will provide you more Wallpaper and photos, greeting cards for this holiday in other entries.

Follow us in a great cover for Labor Day 2015 and in other events in the world, enjoy with us.

Happy Labor Day 2015!

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