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Happy Mother’s Day Speech with Images, Cards

Today‘s smile Of hope is about Mother’s Day. Many happy returns. What do you think of celebrating the Mother‘s Day? Will you buy a gift for her? It is not enough. Let us do something creative. It is even better than the gift. Do not misunderstand me.

You must buy a gift for her, but you will do something better than the gift. Do You Know what it is?
Be her friend. From now, my mother and I will be friends. How to be her friend? Tell her about your Life. Tell her your latest news. Treat her as how you treat your friends. Have a dinner together. Cook her favorite food. Telephone her. Send her a lovely message.

Tell her about your news and let her tell you about hers. Be her friend. Why do I say this on Mother’s Day? the best way of righteousness is to be her friend. Is not it doing as she tells me? No, it is ever better than doing what she tells you. Do you know the prophetic saying when a man came to him asking ” O prophet of Allah, whom does mostly deserve my friendship? The prophet said: your mother”.

That is why the man asked him again “then whom ?”- he was not asking about motherhood, but he was asking about the friendship – the prophet said: your mother. The man asked for the third time “and whom? The prophet said: your mother”. The man understood and said “then whom? The prophet said: your father”. Be your parents‘ friend.

They will never cheat or betray you. Their happiness stems from sharing your life with them. Some your men might say that “I have never treated my parents badly”, but you do not sit with them. You spend hours in your room, even when you sit with them you hold your mobile chatting with others. Can you be her friend? Call her after this episode and tell her “I love you, mom”. Take her out for dinner. Sit with her. Tell her your happy news. Ask for her opinions about your matters, even if you know what you will do.

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Happy Mother's Day Speech Image

Can you make her feel that you are a part of her? You came out of her tummy. One day, your whole world was her tummy.
Can you express love, passion, and caring for her? It is not enough to fondle on her hand. It is not enough to kiss her forehead. Surely, all these things are good, but it is not enough to give her a gift on Mother’s Day. It is not enough to spend this day with her.

Not all these things are enough. There is something greater, which is building a friendship with her. The Quran said, “Accompany them in this world with appropriate Kindness”. Be your parents’ friend especially your mother because the prophet said it for three times. If we do so, smiles of hope will be for all mothers on Mother’s Day.

Thanks, May peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you.

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Mother’s Day Speech by DR. Amr Khaled

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