Henri Nestlé ~ And his International Company

I want to start a Smile of Hope today with a versus of Quran that says: “If Allah knows any good in your hearts, He will give you something better ” If Allah sees good intuitions in your heart then he will give you all the good.

Henri Nestlé , International Company

Henri Nestlé

The story today is about architecture from Switzerland, he has nothing to do with nutrition or agriculture or food, but a very good intention moved in his heart. He had a neighbour living in a village near Geneva, who had a baby and she couldn’t breastfeed him— that was over a century ago in the 18s — where there was no artificial milk at that time, and the world didn’t know anything except mothers breastfeeding.

When this woman couldn’t breastfeed her child and the baby died, he felt pity for the child; he decided he should do something to the children in the same case.

Although he is an architect and he has nothing to do with this field, but he initiated a small lab in his house, and get the cow milk, and make it lighter, added powder, and sugar, he tried for six months in his lab. He really had good intentions to make the children life better, after six months, another child had the same problem, so he get the mixture he was working on it for six months, and tried to make the child drink it, and he did.

People started to talk about this invention, many women came to take from this invention to their kids. His lab becomes bigger and bigger, do you know who this man is? His name is Henri Nestlé, his lab turned after that to the huge international company (Nestle). Can you believe it that an architect be one of the most important person who worked in food industry in the world?

Why I am telling you this story? “If Allah knows any good in your hearts, He will give you something better “, if you take a good intention, to make good in life, Allah will help, to make good in life, Allah will help you, this guy has died long time ago, but his institution continued amazingly. what do you want to do in life, search for what you want to do, and add for what you want to do, and add good intentions on it, and you will see how Allah will open doors for you, and this will be a real smile of hope and success.

~ Amr Khaled

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    Yours is a clever way of thkinnig about it.

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