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I am here Father! True story in Armenia

The phrase (I am here Father) This story is a true story. It happened in 1989 in a country named Armenia. A strong earthquake occurred in 1989 in Armenia, and it was the highest magnitude earthquake in the 20th century.

The result of it was that tens of thousands of people died. It is said that 25,000 people passed away because of the earthquake. Also, the area where the earthquake occurred was paralyzed completely. On the outskirts of this area, lived a simple farmer.

You’ll Find Some Of The Pictures Represent: Father And Son, Daughter

NewBorn Baby with the Father

NewBorn Baby with the Father

He and his wife lived there. His house didn’t get destroyed completely, because he was on the outskirts of the I location. However, the house was a little bit unstable, but it was standing. After he was sure that his wife was fine he started running to the school his son went to, the elementary school in midtown. He arrived, and he saw the school building had fallen completely.

He stood in shock for a moment, and he looked around him and saw the parents, police, and all these people were crying. After he took this first shock, he realized that everyone submitted to what hap-pened, because the building had fallen and the rescue team failed to rescue anyone.

Cute Asian Little Girl and Her Father

Cute Asian Little Girl and Her Father

All of a sudden all the energies inside of him took off with great strength. This is because he remembered words he used to say to his son. He used to always encourage his son by telling him 1 will always be there for you.” Every time he put him in bed at night, he would tell his son, “Don’t worry in your life, I will always be there for you.” As he was reminiscing on this, his tears started flowing and all of a sudden this sentence strengthened his will.

He wiped away his tears, and got up and began thinking which side of the building his son was in. He remembered that his son was in the right corner from the northern pad of the school. He went towards that location, and began moving things with his hands, and saw a tool and started moving things around. He kept breaking rocks. One of the parents came to him and told him, “It’s too late, all of them passed away.”

The farmer responded saying, “Can you help me?” And he continued digging and removing rocks. Then one of the rescuers came to him, and the farmer told him, “Can you help me?” The farmer looked at everyone who was standing around looking at him and yelled at them, “Either you help me or you leave me alone.”

He kept on digging, and digging, and dig-ging for 12 hours. This is a true story. After 12 hours he found a large rock, and he moved it. Following that he found an empty space. Because the building was triangular, so when it got destroyed it made a void in the middle. He entered through it, and he called on his son in a loud voice. All of a sudden his son’s voice responded, “I am here father. I told my friends don’t be scared. My father always promised that he would be there for me.” He saved his son’s life and 33 children who were in this void.

14 children died. If they would’ve delayed their arrival to help they may of all died. The boy went to the hospital, and he got well after a few weeks. The boy has grown into a man and has become an engineer. This boy, now as an adult, tells his son “I will always be there for you.

Afraid Baby Hugs his Father

Afraid Baby Hugs his Father

Don’t deprive your kids of words of encouragement. Make them stronger, and give them hope. Tell them, I will always be there for you, so you can draw a smile of hope on their faces all of their lives.


This story about the little boy and his father by DR. Amr Khaled

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