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If You Have Two Difficult Options! By ~ DR. Amr Khaled

One of the most difficult questions in our lives. how to choose correctly if you have two difficult options? what is the priciple to follow?

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Options 3D Design Image

Let me tell you a story to simplify this matter:
there were some children playing on two railway tracks. one of them was good and the other was abeyant. they were about 10 or 15 children. one of them decided to play o the abeyant track. the others decided to play o the good track.

The others decided to play on the good track until the train comes.
Then they made a playground to play football and began to play. the boy played alone on the abeyant track (as it was safe) although he wanted to play with them.

Try to imagine that the train is coming and you are the shunter or the switch man so you have to decide? what would you do? you see 20 children o the good track and one child on the abeyant track but you can operate it.

Would you let the train go and kill many children? or would you backtrack or veer the train’s path to kill one child who plays on the abeyant track?
Can you think deliberately?

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I think most people decide to baktrack and sacrifice one child instead of killing a lot of children. logically and sentimentally it is a good decision but the fact that the child behaved in the correct way and he doesn’t deserve that. do you understand what I mean by this story?

When you have two difficult options, choose the correct one and behave in the correct way. Disregard the big number of people, I think this boy was the only one who behaved i the correct way and the only one who decided properly.

Please, when you determine decisione, disregard numbers but regard and concentrate on the truth and the right. Sometimes the one makes the right decision but the majority thinks in different way that he is wrong so you shouldn’t object or refuse this decision because of the majority but choose the right one.

Can you determine your decisions by looking for the truth and the right one? it is a wonderful innovation of thinking.

I swear by Allah, it is a comfy way to help you to determine the right decision or you’ll be confused.

this child made the right decision. What about the big number of people???.

don’t judge or decide according to the number but judge according to the truth and the correct thing. thereon you’ll be happy.

Thank you and Salamu Aliekum wa Rahamtullah.

via DR/ Amr Khaled

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