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Mother’s Day Cards to Make in School + Plus Lovely Words

Mum is not just a word, it is a feelings, attitude, and situations full of love and tenderness.

Mum Mum Mum Mum that is what we keep shouting all day, when we rejoicing or suffering or paining or just in need of anything, this was the reason for determining a day for mothers to celebrate with them not only to appreciate their efforts but also to pay attention to Mums efforts.

Mother is not exclusive figure for birth holding mothers, but it can include step mothers, mothers in law, aunties, grandmothers, and even also neighbor Mums, the most common things in all their motherhood feeling and giving attitude.

All the world celebrates with mothers in this special day, but as a historical background for this day, Mother’s Day¬†falls on different days depending on the countries where it is celebrated. It is held on the second Sunday of May in many countries, such as Australia, Canada and the United States.

It is held exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday in the United Kingdom. Sundays are usually non-school and non-working days in these countries. The main interest behind Mother’s Day was the huge effect for mothers in society and absence of this affect result society defects and diseases.

So regarding from the early 20th century Mother’s Day was the symbol for taking care of mothers, remind kids or their mothers and finally to strength family links.

Gifts vary according to personnel perspective, but gifts reflect in a way or another degree of collective family harmony, kids and adults present gifts in a good rapping to always remember this special day such as writing cards, buying flowers, preparing food, calling, visiting, and also traveling to mothers spending the full day with them.

Women in general are sensitive creature seek love and caring, but when these women be a mother it begins to give, sacrifice and self-denial attitude, not only for her kids but for all her family which reflect subsequently on society.

Being a mother does not contradict with practical life and career achievement as it depends on society mentality and family encouragement so happy Mother’s Day mean happy family mean happy society mean balanced country with the minimum society problems.

Mother’s Day Cards 2018

Fanciful, Mothers Day ,Greeting Cards
Fanciful Mothers Day Greeting Cards
Fantastic , Mothers Day , Card Picture
Fantastic Mother’s Day Cards / Picture
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Great Mother’s Day Cards / Image
Magnificent, Mothers Day, Card Photo
Magnificent Mother’s Day Cards / Photo

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