Ramadan Mubarak E-Cards ‘Six Colors’

We start: “O’ people! Your selves are mortgaged against your deeds and therefore, by means of repentance make yourself free. Your back has become much too heavy due to sins; by prolongation of your prostration make yourself light-burdened. Know that Allah has taken the oath of his Majesty and Splendour that he will not punish those who offer prayers and bow down in prostration, and on the Day of Judgement will not scare them through Hell’s fire.

Ramadan Mubarak in Six cards for greeting in six fantastic colors ‘Green, Purple, Red, Pink, Gold, Blue’.

Ramadan Mubarak E-Cards 1

Ramadan Mubarak E-Cards 2

Ramadan Mubarak E-Cards 3

Ramadan Mubarak E-Cards 4

Ramadan Mubarak E-Cards 5

Ramadan Mubarak E-Cards

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