15+ Labor Day Quotes and Sayings (Images)

The end of labor is to gain leisure

Whatever your job, Labor Day does not differentiate between different categories of work, the work has always been honest. Work honor, pride and fulfillment of aspirations and dreams, providing opportunities to live a decent life. Here, for all the workers on this planet, we have inspirational quotations about Labor Day / Workers’ Day, with the … Read more

3D Design Photo For Happy Labor Day!

A lot of people, especially young people like 3D designs. We are here on Labor day to provide these wonderful and beautiful design, unique and exclusive excellent three-dimensional image titled Happy Labor Day. Image has been designed by Photoshop CC. Available to celebrate the Labor Day holiday everywhere. Enjoy and wait a lot like this … Read more

#Exclusive. Labor Day Portrait Design

Very exclusive! Yes, it’s unique work-design for a Labor Day, Speech bubbles is the hero in this picture. With cozy colors and cruise fonts, it’s for you in this important holiday. Labor Day holiday in the United States and Canada, not only for business and large companies and factories owners, but also for young workers … Read more

Labor Day 2015! Monday, 7th of September – Hi-Res Picture

Another unique and beautiful picture for Labor Day 2015 in Canada and the United States, in addition that these images are available for free for you. We all know that Labor Day 2015 will be on Monday, 7 September 9 of 2015. Here we provide you all the unique design to celebrate this great holiday … Read more

Happy Labor Day 2015! 7th of September – Free HD Wallpaper

Classic and beautiful design for a desktop wallpaper for Labor Day 2015. High-definition, dimensions: 1920×1080 available free for all, enjoy. You know that Labor Day 2015 will be on the 7th of September 2015 in the United States and Canada. Now we provide you all-new and unique for this important holiday. A lot of files … Read more

Exclusively! Happy Labor Day Images (Free Download)

We provide you images exclusively for Labor Day is ready for download and participate in the celebration of workers in the United States ~ Labour Day, images of workers on white backgrounds written on it Happy Labor Day, the first Monday in September. Thirteen high-resolution images ready for you, free download, or share photos with … Read more

Top 10 Happy Labor Day Photos With Men’s Workers

Not done yet, with us more pictures of Labor Day, contains a high-resolution images of workers, such as maintenance worker and carpenter and auto mechanic and other works, each image written on it (Happy Labor Day) on white and heavenly backgrounds. Labor Day is one of the biggest and most important holidays and events in … Read more

Happy Labor Day With Construction Workers (Cartoon Pictures)

Seven cartoon pictures of construction workers on the occasion of Labor Day, these images for this important event, or rather the official holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. With us cartoon pictures for construction workers, such as Builder and Repairman and other workers, these images as a symbol of the symbols of the … Read more

Funny Pics For Labor Day With Workers

I’ll start with this beautiful quote about Labor Day, In celebrating the United States Labor Day “Labor Day is a glorious holiday because your child will be going back to school the next day. It would have been called Independence Day, but that name was already taken.” By ~ Bill Dodds Yes, it is one … Read more

Labor Day 2014 Concepts, Images, Banners. Posters

ٍWe provide you one of the best pages that contain extensions and elements of Labor Day 2014, as concepts, exclusive pictures, brilliant posters, banners with unique designs. Not only this, but we have set of twenty-five file format-JPG free for all, to celebrate the Labor Day all the time.

Happy Labor Day 2014 – Pictures, Covers, Quotes

In the U.S. Labor Day 2014, we should celebrate with the American people and U.S. workers this day, with us now Labor Day Pictures , and then covers for Facebook for Labor Day, And finally; quotations and sayings for Labor Day. ‘ALL FREE’   Happy Labor Day Pictures, Photos, Images, Wallpapers         Happy … Read more

International Workers’ Day 2013 – Labor Day 2013 – May Day

‘2013’ International Workers’ Day Or Labor Day Or May Day! All of these labels intended to celebrate the worker in all parts of the world and to estimate the value of work and workers in the history of nations and their leading role in the progress and prosperity. Labour Day, Hari buruh, workers day wallpaper, … Read more