Free Mothers Day Cards Images & Great Messages

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First, Mother’s Day messages • Happy Mother’s Day Mom! you are wonderful mother, always looking for the best, you all ways put them first even when time are tough for you. you have a very big heart and I love very much, hope you have a great day. • Happy Mother’s Day to all my … Read more

For Mother’s Day: 7 Things to Thank Your Mother for

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1. Giving birth Thank her for giving up her comfort and many things she loves to give birth to you. She went through extremely difficult moments of emotional and physical pain to bring you to this life. So, thank her for giving you an opportunity to live and enjoy this life. 2. Staying up for … Read more

3 Inexpensive Ideas to Please Your Mom on Mother’s Day

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The dearest persons to any Mother’s heart are her children. So, whatever we present to our mothers, no matter how big or small it is, would surly please them. For mothers, it is not about the gift’s cost, but it is about its meaning. It is enough for your mother to feel that you remember … Read more

Mother’s Day’s Coming: 5 Ways to Show Your Mom You Appreciate Her

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From the very first moment you came to this life, your mom showers you with love and care. Even if you argue with her sometimes, your mother remains the only person who wants you to be better than her and everybody else. So, do you think you show your mother the love she deserves? We … Read more

9 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

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Wanna spend a special Mother’s Day this year? Looking for different ways to celebrate your mother? We’ve got a number of ideas that might help you make your Mother’s Day a very special day to remember. Read, Enjoy and say Happy Mother’s Day 1. A breakfast in bed: Devote this day to your mother. Let … Read more

How Mother’s Day Is Celebrated Around the World

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Mother’s Day is a special day devoted for celebrating mothers. Several countries celebrate it but on different dates. For instance, many countries, including the U.S., celebrate it in May while others celebrate it in March. Yet, the spirit of celebration is the same in all countries. Each country, however, expresses this spirit in its own … Read more

17 Mother’s Day Unique Short Messages

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Mother’s Day is an important occasion for showing mothers our love and appreciation. Sending a nice short message or writing some kind words on a simple card can greatly please your mother. Here are some simple nice short messages that can help you express your love and deep gratitude for your mother. Mother’s Day Short … Read more

Mother’s Day celebration: how it all started?

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Mother’s Day is a popular day in many countries around the world. The following paragraphs are going to explore the history of Mother’s Day celebrations and how it started. Mother’s Day celebration Mother’s Day is considered an aspect of celebrating mothers and motherhood in general. Most people around the world celebrate Mother’s Day in March, … Read more

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Suit All Tastes and Budgets

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Picking a gift for the Mother’s Day is a confusing issue for many, especially for girls who have to pick more than one gift for mothers, mothers-in-law and even teachers. Do not think much! We have collected some different ideas for Mother’s Day gifts which suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you are looking for … Read more

[HERE] Mothers Who Challenge the Difficulties on Mother’s Day

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Mom is a precious gift of Allah. We take this gift for granted without thinking how this woman serves her children and raises them well. In addition, she saves neither effort nor health in the pursuit of their children’s happiness and comfort. Particularly noteworthy, what if this mother is suffering from serious health problems or … Read more

What About the Mothers in Islam

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Honoring parents, especially the mother, is one of the rituals that Islam has focused on and compelled its followers to follow because of their greatness and virtue to their children. Honoring and courtesy to parents have many ways like philanthropy and the good deeds which children are offering to their parents, it is noteworthy that … Read more

New/Unique Mother’s Day Messages

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Read with us Mother’s Day Messages, unique, exclusive and new. But above all, you should know, God ordered us to be good to the mother, Not only on Mother’s Day, as the heavenly religions stressed on that, so charity to her is always rewarded for it. It leads to living in happiness, an increase in … Read more

Happy Mother’s Day Short Messages ~ Unique in English

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Mother’s Day is one of the most beautiful holidays to be loved by people everywhere, because it is a beautiful day for children to meet with their mother and celebrate Mother’s Day. Some people believe that the children should celebrate their mothers every day and visit them and give them the most beautiful gifts, so … Read more

Different Countries With Different Dates of Mother’s Day

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The Mother’s Day celebration is a celebration of the 20th century, where nations honor mothers in recognition of their role in raising children and their impact on their societies. Mother’s Day is different from one country to another. Mother’s Day is celebrated in the Arab world on March 21, but not in European or even … Read more