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The Traditions of Mother’s Day Celebration in Various Countries

Mother's Day Celebration , Images , Celebrations
Mother’s Day Celebration

Before talking about Mother’s Day Celebration on our page, you should know, The mother is always the first woman in the heart and soul of any person, it is his first and last love, and there is no woman in the world, no matter how beauty she is can occupy the status of the mother in the heart of men.

In this article, you will learn about the strangest Mother’s Day celebrations in several countries around the world.

Mother’s Day Celebration (The List)

1. India: The date of Mother’s Day in India differs from what is known all over the world. Instead of March, the Indians celebrate the feast in the second week of May by giving money to the mothers and washing their clothes.

2. Sweden: The preparation of breakfast for mothers and bring to the mattress of the most important features of the celebration of Mother’s Day, Swedish women on this day do not do anything except lying in bed and asked what they like, and the husband and children to implement what the mother requests.The Swedes celebrate Mother’s Day in the last week of May, not in March as usual.

3. Croatia: Children in Croatia seem to have somewhat strange habits in celebrating their mothers. One day in December, children climb into the parents’ bedroom to surprise the mother. She is still asleep and when she wakes up, she finds herself drowning in many gifts that have been placed beside her.

4. Japan: The Japanese celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May. In Japan, Mother’s Day is called “ha ha no hai”, where children cook some food to their mothers, and throw away the famous red carnation in Japan.

5. Mexico: The date of Mother’s Day in Mexico is similar to the one celebrated in Japan, but Mexicans seem more loving to their mothers than the rest of the world. All the interests of the state stop working to celebrate this day, and all the streets of Mexico are full of cheerful colors.

6. Taiwan: The celebration of Mother’s Day in Taiwan has a very special sanctity because it coincides with the birth of Buddha, who represents Buddhism, the official religion of Taiwan.The atmosphere of Mother’s Day celebrations in Taiwan is mixed with religious ceremonies that express the mother’s status and sanctity in Buddhism, and at night, many popular festivals are held in all the streets of the country.

7. Pakistan: A huge prayer is held on the souls of all mothers who have been given life to express loyalty and devotion to the things they did before their departure, and then give gifts and material assistance to the poor and the needy after the prayer.

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