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Women’s Day Speech: Please, Have Mercy with the Ladies

It is a women’s advocate story, can be called (Women’s Day Speech) This story is a symbolic story, or it may actually be real. I’m not really sure.

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Mercy, Ladies, Women's Day Speech, Women's Day, IWD
Happy Women’s Day

The Women’s Day Speech in our story

The story is that a man came home from work one day and saw his 3 kids playing outside in their pajamas, they never washed their face, and their clothing were filled with mud.

The man felt very frustrated, because he never saw this actually be the case before. He entered his house, and he saw boxes of empty food and bags trash thrown in front of the apartment door. He was very annoyed, because he never saw such thing.

He entered his home, and found it to be a great mess. He saw the rugs thrown on the side, the television on with a very high volume, the kid’s toys thrown all over the place, clothes thrown in the living room, the kitchen filled with left-overs, dishes that need to be washed, and the refrigerator door was left open.

He was shocked, and couldn’t understand what he was seeing. He ran up the stairs that lead to his bedroom. He saw clothing thrown on the floor, a large puddle of water on the bathroom floor, and soap on the floor.
He was thinking, what is this?

He thought that he may have entered a wrong home. But then he realized that his kids are in front of the house. He ran to his bedroom to find his wife, and he found her nicely dressed, sitting on her bed, and reading the newspaper, and she had all the peace in the world to herself.

This frustrated him even more. She smiled to him with the great big smile she’s used to smiling to him with when he’s back from work, and he looked back at her with great anger. He then asked her, “What happened today?”

She looked back at him with a smile, and told him “Every day you would come home from work in great astonishment, and you’d ask me what was the important thing you spent the whole day doing. Isn’t this true?” He told her, “Yes.”

She then continued “Yes, today I didn’t do what I used to do every day, and you weren’t happy with my daily routine. You thought I didn’t do anything the whole day and today I truly didn’t do anything today to show you what I used to do every day.”

Did the meaning I was trying to get across to you become clear? I want to say be merciful with the ladies. Men, you aren’t happy with anything, and you go home and find it nicely organized.

Yet, you don’t realize that there is a lady who put in so much effort to make the house beautifully organized. And then you start blaming her, and complaining about things, and you still don’t realize how tired she has become to organize the house. Have mercy with the ladies.

Your wife puts in so much effort, your sister puts in so much effort. and your mother puts in so much effort. How is the house clean and organized like that? How did the beautification at home come about? Where did the peace in the home come from, with how much time did it take, how much expense, and how much effort? Please have mercy with the ladies. I am concerned with this story that the women go tomorrow and leave their houses not cleaned and disorganized… and men get frustrated, and say that this is not a smile of hope.

Please, ladies, do not dare to copy this story. I told the men to be merciful with the ladies and appreciate their hard work, so that there truly will be a smile of hope.


International Women’s Day Speech By ~ DR. Amr Khaled

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