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Words for the Mother on her Mother’s Day

It was said that a good word is a charity and having a well forgivable heart is a charity. The supreme believer is unruffled, dignified, merciful and friendly. To what extent you can imagine if all these morals are treated with the mother, it will be one of the best charities which a make mountains of blessings. Although the mother is high position and great respect and love in sons’ hearts, sons rarely express this great appreciation and love.

So, what about saying some pretty, sweet and stunning words to your mother? As it may make her day and be pleased. you will get many alms, which can overweight your balance, and you enter the promised paradise.

• Mum, with your beautiful face, pure heart and in counting to the number of lovers’ hearts, which are on the earth and will come to the world, I greatly love you.
• Mum, you are my sun and my moon. You are the best mother in the universe. You illuminate my road in this life. Without your prays and talks to God, I cannot feel heart ease and quietness as you are my security.
• Mum, you are my paradise and my prosperous garden. My life is only good as you are in it. Without you, I cannot live and do anything in my life, as you are my heart.
• I remember a day at which I was young and made a mistake. I was so furious and did not find a merciful heart except for your heart.
• There is not a comfortable place or a comfortable cushion except for my mother’s arms.
• All my successes and my position cannot be obtained without God at first, then you.
• Mum, I really love you, I miss you and I want to meet you and cry on your shoulders and between your arms.
• Mum, do you know that there is the great similarity between you and me? I am proud of it.
• I give you a flood of love. With longing from my heart, I greatly love you.
• If all the flowers are gifted to you, it will not be sufficient.
• I do not know what I can give to you. Will you gratefully accept my eyes or my heart? I tell you secretly that I am not sufficient to be gifted to you as a present.
• If you smile to me, the world becomes beautiful in my eyes.
Mum, do you know that you are universe’s fact and every after you are a mirage?
• Gold, silver, diamond, corundum, and corals are not sufficient to equal your love in my heart and cannot meet your right.
• Mum, you are pleasure, happiness, beauty, and bliss. You are my life.
• As you always pray to me and you are always beside me in all my difficulties.

I wish you to get more than you have wished to me and to be awarded the paradise. I ask God to gift happiness, pleasure, and bliss to facilitate all good things to you, increase and bless your health. You are the most beautiful and merciful mother in the world. I wish God to keep you for us.

Word has an effect as magic and it is a wonderful thing, which changes others’ spirit to be kindred spirits. So, do not be double-minded to send some of these good and wonderful words to your mother, as it will make her happy and enter happiness to her merciful heart. smile and be kind to her as it is now with you and you don’t know if she will be with you for a next while or not. Its prays, talks to God and her love cannot be compensated, a mother cannot be compared with any other person. No one equals her in my heart.

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